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Catalog Number/Object ID 2008-056-00230
Object Name Book
Collection General Collection
Summary/Description Book, originally published in 1915, and then reissued in 1981 by the Marblehead Historical Society, with corrections and an index added. The book lists the captains of ships sailing from Marblehead, limited biographical information about each, and the names and dates of the ships they skippered.
Subjects Ship captains
Title Old Marblehead Sea Captains and the Ships In Which They Sailed
Author Lindsey, Benjamin J.
Published Date 1981
People Abraham, Woodward
Adams, John
Adams, E.
Adams, Nathaniel
Adams, Atkins
Adams, Samuel Reed
Adams, Joseph B.
Andrews, Benjamin
Andrews, Nich.
Andrews, William
Allen, William
Anderton, Thos.
Austin, William
Bailey, James
Bailey, John
Barker, George
Barket, George, Jr.
Barker, Thomas
Barker, Joseph, Jr.
Barker, Nathaniel
Barnes, Corbin
Bartlett, George
Bartlett, George B.
Bartlett, John
Bartlett, Nicholas
Bartoll, William
Bassett, Joseph S.
Beals, John
Berry, Michael
Bessom, Joseph W.
Bessom, Philip
Blackler, Francis
Blackler, John Chipman
Blackler, Henry
Blackler, Samuel
Blackler, Samuel R.
Blackler, Ward
Blackler, William, Jr.
Blackler, William G.
Blaney, William
Boden, Benjamin
Boden, John
Boden, Samuel
Bowden, John
Bowden, Michael
Boyles, Thomas
Bray, Benjamin
Bray, Edmund
Bray, Knott P.
Bray, Daniel, Jr.
Bray, John
Bray, John Waite
Bridgeo, John
Bridgeo, Philip
Brimblecomb, Cornelius
Brown, Ambrose J.
Brown, James
Brown, John
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Peter
Brown, Richard
Broughton, Glover
Broughton, John
Broughton, Nicholson
Broughton, Horace
Broughton, John Glover
Bruce, David
Bruce, Daniel
Bowen, Nathan,Bowden, Ashley
Burnham, Francis A.
Buntin, Charles
Calley, Moses
Candler, Edward
Candler, John
Candler, Samuel
Caswell, Richard B.
Caswell William
Chapman, Benjamin
Chapman, Edward
Chinn, George
Cloan, Samuel
Clemmens, James
Cloutman, Ebenezer B.
Cloutman, George
Cloutman, Henry
Cloutman, Thomas
Cloutman, Thomas, Jr.
Cloutman, John
Cloutman Robert
Cloutman, John B.
Cressy, Josiah Perkins
Cressy, William Andrew
Crowinshield, Edward
Cross, John
Cross, Thomas D.
Conway, John
Conway, John, Jr.
Cole, John
Cole, William
Collyer, John
Collyer, Samuel
Collyer, William
Cowell, Richard
Cousens, Reuben
Courtis Thomas
Cocks, James
Cook, Samuel
Davis, Tobias
Davis, William
Dennis, Daniel S.
Dennis, John
Dennis, Benjamin
Dennis, John Devereux, Jr.
Dennis, Jonas
Dennis, Francis B.
Dennis, Thomas
Dennis, William
Devereux, John
Devereux, Nicholas B
Devereux, Ralph
Devereux, Robert
Dixey, Hector Cowell
Dixey, John
Dixon, Joseph
Dixey, Richard
Dixey, Richard W.
Dixey, Peter
Dixey, William
Doliber, John
Doliber, John, Jr.
Doliber, William
Dupuy, Thomas
Elkins, Thomas
Elkins, Thomas, Jr.
Ellis, Cornelius
Elliot, William
Ellingston, Ebenezer
Evans, Ebenezer Giles
Evans, Ebenezer
Evans John
Evans, Richard
Fabens, Samuel Augustus
Farrow, Timothy
Featherstone, Robert
Footplate, William
Flint, Thomas
Francis, Christopher
Freeto, Francis
Gardner, Benj., Jr.
Gardner, Benjamin
Gardner, Samuel G.
Gardner, John
Gardner, Nathaniel
Gardner, William Andrew
Gale, Samuel
Gerry, John
Gerry, Samuel Russell
Gerry, William Blackler
Girdler, John
Girdler, George
Girdler, John
Girdler, Joseph
Girdler, Lewis
Girdler, Lewis, 2d
Girdler, Richard
Girdler, Robert
Grant, Christopher
Grant, Elias
Grant, John
Glover, Edmund
Glover, Jonathan
Graves, Benjamin
Graves, Ebenezer
Graves, John
Graves, Eleazar
Graves, Samuel, Jr.
Gray, Henry G.
Goodwin, John
Gregory, John Hooper
Gregory, John H., Jr.
Gregory, Joseph
Gregory, Michael B.
Gregory, William D,
Gregory, Thomas
Gregory, Thomas H.
Green, John , Jr.
Green Peter
Gristle, John
Goss, William
Hammond William
Hammond, John
Harris, John H.
Harris, John Bassett
Harris, Joseph
Harris, Robert
Haskell, Benj. T.
Haskell, Francis
Haskell, Thos.
Hathaway, Joseph
Hawkes, Benjamin
Hawkes, Jacob
Hitter, Francis
Hitter, Samuel
Hilbert, Nathan
Homan, George W.
Homan, William
Homan, Philip C.
Hooper, Asa
Hooper, Henry
Hooper, Ebenezer
Hooper, Henry
Hooper, John (Griste)
Hooper, John 4th
Hooper, John, Jr.
Hooper, Robert, Jr.
Hooper, Robert Swett
Hooper, Robert Chamblett
Hooper, Moses
Hooper, Samuel
Hooper, William
Horton, Sparrow
Hulen, Archibald S.
High, John
James, Ambrose
James, Richard
James, Thomas P.
Johnson, Benoice
Johnson John
Johnson, William Wall
Kemp, Henry
Kemp, John
Knight John
Knight, Nathaniel
Kimball, Thomas
King, Samuel
Lamprell, Simon
Laskey, James, Jr.
Lecraw, John
Lecraw, David R.
Lee, David
Lee, John
Lee, Seward
Le Briton, Peter
Lee, William
Lee, Joseph Lemmon
Lewis, Edmund
Lewis, Edward
Lewis, Jacob
Lewis, Joseph Lemon
Lewis, Philip
Lewis, Samuel
Lewis, Thomas
Lewis, Thomas, Jr.
Leach, Matthew, Jr.
Leach, Richard
Lindsey, Benjamin
Lindsey, Nathaniel
Lindsey, Nathaniel, Jr.
Lindsey, John Barker
Lindsey, Joseph
Lovis, Ambrose
Lyons, James, Jr.
Lyons, Thomas
Mansfiels, Isaac
Martin, Ambrose Boden
Martin, Samuel C.
Martin, Knott, 4th
Martin, Nathan B.
Meek, Richard
Meek, Jacob
Meek, Thomas
Messervy, Mark
Messervy, Mark H.
Melvill, John
Morse, Abraham
Mugford, William
Mullett, Thomas
Newhall, David
Nantz, Henry
Nicholson, Thomas
Nicholson, William
Olimore, Samuel
Oliver, Isaac
Orne, E.
Orne, Joseph
Orne Joshua
Orne, William B.
Paramore, Robert
Pattin, John
Pattin, John U.
Pedrick, Knott, Jr.
Pedrick, Knott
Pedrick, John
Pedrick, John, 4th.
Pedrick, John B.
Pedrick, Joseph
Pedrick, Richard
Pedrick, Richard, Jr.
Pedrick, Thos.
Pedrick, Thomas
Pitman, John
Pitman, John
Pratt, Asa
Pratt, Cornelius
Pousland, William
Prentiss, John Bubier
Prentiss, John
Prentiss, Joshua
Prentiss, Joshua, Jr.
Prentiss, Joshua, 3d.
Prentiss, Samuel H.
Prince, Henry, Jr.
Prince, John
Power, John, Jr.
Powers, John
Poor, John
Powers, Michael B.
Powers, Thomas
Pritchett, John
Proctor, John
Proctor, Jonathan
Proctor, Joseph
Quiner, Abraham
Quiner, Henry N.
Quiner, Nicholas
Quiner, John
Quiner, John, Jr.
Quiner, Thomas
Ramsdell, Nathaniel
Ramsdell, Richard B.
Roads, John
Rodgers, Peter J.
Roads, William
Roundey, John
Roundey, John
Roundey, Samuel F.
Roundey, Stephen C.
Ross, Alexander
Russell, John Abbot
Russell, John
Russell, John 3d.
Russell, John Roads
Russell, Lewis
Russell, Thomas
Russell, William
Russell, William R.
Salkins, John Adams
Salter, Francis
Sargent, Francis
Searle, Curtis
Selman, John
Selman, Archibald
Selman, Francis G.
Selman, Joseph
Shirley, Phares
Skinner, William
Snow, John Picket
Snow, Joseph W., Jr.
Snow, Samuel
Smith, Francis
Stacey, Benjamin
Stacey, Elias H.
Stacey, Osman C.
Stacey, Richard
Stacey, Samuel
Stacey, William
Standley, William
Stevens, Francis
Stevens, Christopher
Stevens, John
Stevens Thomas
Stevenson, John
Stevenson, David
Story, Abiel R.
Story, John R.
Story, William
Stiness, Samuel
Swan, John Picket
Swan, Joseph Lemmon
Swan Robert
Swasey, Joseph
Swasey, William
Swett, Benjamin
Swett, Joseph
Swett, Samuel
Swett, Stephen
Swett, Woodbury
Thayer, Isaac
Thayer, Nathaniel
Thompson, Cornelius
Thompson, Jonathan
Thorner, Jacob
Thrasher, Nathaniel H.
Tishew, John
Traill, John
Trefry, Thomas
Trevett, Russell
Trevett, Samuel Russell
Tucker, Andrew
Tucker, George, Jr.
Tucker, Nicholas
Tucker, John
Tucker, Samuel
Tucker, Thomas
Tutt, Richard
Union, John
Valentine, Andrew
Valentine, Samuel B.
Vickary, William
Wadden, John B.
Warner, John
Whidden, John D.
White, Ambrose H.
White, Elias
White, John
Whippen, William
Widger, Thomas
Widger, William
Williams, Simon T.
Williams, Thomas K.
Willard, Thomas (Cary)
Wilson, George
Wilson, George Henry
Wilson, Joseph, Jr.
Wing, J.
Wooldredge, John
Wooldredge, John, Jr.
Wooldredge, Thomas
Wooldredge, William
Wormstead, Benjamin
Wormstead, Joseph Lindsey
Wormstead, Robert
Blackley, William
Bowen, Edward
Bubier, Peter
Bray, Edward
Dixey, Thomas
Green, Samuel
Horton, Samuel
Pierce, John
Peach, Thomas
Proctor, Thomas
Story, Richard
Vickary, Eli
Webber, John
Adams, Joseph B.
Bowen, Thomas M.
Brown, Thomas
Bubier, Joseph
Coombs, Michel
Calley, Richard J.
Dixey, David
Dennis, James
Grandy, Amos
Grandy, Francis
Grant, Joseph
Grant, Thomas
Hales, Edward
Hiller, Samuel
Haskell, Michael
Lawrence, Emanuel
Lee, Richard,Merritt, Thomas
Martin, Richard
Martin, Thomas
Melzard, Nicholas
Merrick, Michael
Malcom, Alexander
Martin, Arnold
Parker, David
Proctor, Jeremiah
Pedrick, William
Porter, Benj.
Stevens, Richard
Skillings, Joseph
Search Terms Marblehead sea captains
Marblehead ships
Lexicon category 8: Communication Artifact
Lexicon sub-category Documentary Artifact
Condition Excellent