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Catalog Number/Object ID 2010-1000-01270
Object Name Book
Collection Marblehead Town History
Summary/Description This book is divided into 4 main sections: Persons, Places, Events and Glimpses with many subsections each written by one of the 13 authors.
The Subsections under Persons are:
Why?, A Good Start in Life, Nicknames, Mary Devereux Goes Big Time, The Currents, Woodfin's Express, Of Memory and Muchness, Benjamin Abbot, Philip Benjamin Laskey, Sartorial Splendor, And Then There Was John O. J., A Boy in Marblehead, And Jonny Came, Mr. B., Hutchies, A Woman of Note.
Under Places there is:
Early Marblehead, Way Down the Aisle to the Desk, A Walk into the Past, My Schooldays in Marblehead 1907-1921, The Rockmere, Clubs Were Trumps, Shopping in Marblehead, Restaurants, The Old Neighborhood Stores, My Grandmother's Parlor.
Events included:
As It Really Was As Seen Through The Eyes of a Child, I Remember, I Was There, Horses, The Strawberry Parties, The End of the Line- The end of an Ere-, Games, All Out, Children's Sunday, The Winter of 1920.
And Glimpses had:
Tenth Deck Division, Summer on the Neck, and A Few More Glimpses.
Subjects Reminiscences of Marblehead in the early 20th century from the perspective of people who lived in Marblehead during that time. Written in 1975 for the bicentennial.
Title Marblehead from Hollyhocks to Hot Top
Edition 1 st
Author Various Marbleheaders
Publisher Marblehead Old Timers Society
Published Date 1975
Published Place Marblehead
Physical Description Paperback binding with pink cover
People Roads, Charlotte Ferguson
Reynolds, William Reynolds
Cutter, Louise Martin
Alsberg, Elisabeth Brackett
Woodfin, J. Robert
Masters, Phyllis Laskey
Hill, John D.
Doane, Helen Dixey
Ball Edith Martin
Reynolds, Morrill S.
Clay, Jack Gardner
Clay, Evelyn Doherty
Martin, Percy L.
Sanborn, Perley L. Dr.
McKennis, Evelyn Sanborn
Arrington, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth
Bragdon, William
Bragdon, Rena RN
Riley, Amanda
Dixey, R. Archer
Devereux, Dr.
True, Dr.
Hill, Dr.
Hayward, Maud M.
Greenwood, Arthur M. Dr.
Bell, Leila E.
Conroy, Mrs.
Chapman, Martha A.
Dixey, Mary S.
Hunson, Margaret R.
Lord, Marjorie Hamson
Bowden, "Long Pockets"
Bowden, "Half past Six"
Bowden, "Quarter to Seven"
Martin, Sarah
Martin, Martha
Lemmons, Billy
Brown, "Star Gazer"?Taylor, "Dish Mop"
Hammond, "Luggie-doo"
Bowden, "Bismark"
Hammond, "Jacker"
Finch, "Peacock"
Fader, "San Diego"
Brown, Austin Henry Shit-legs"
Martin, "Cornball"
Langley, Harris
Goodwin, "Moldy"
Chapman, "La de da"
Brown, Frank
Brown, Ambrose
Martin, Knott
Shattuck, "Doodler"
Brown, Gut Bucket"
Humphrey, "Chippy"
Melzard, "Tripe"
Bowden, "Diddlo"
Stacey, girdler
Felton, Liz
Carroll, Standley "Tinker"
Chapman, Clarance "Winker"
Brown, E. Munroe "Boot"
Powers, Norman "Peanut"
Woodfin, Ellis "Secret"
Devereux, Mary
Brackett, Eleanor Day
Goodwin, Mary
Homan, Anna
Reynolds, Gertrude
Smith, Eliza
Lexicon category 8: Communication Artifact
Lexicon sub-category Documentary Artifact
Condition Good