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Catalog Number/Object ID 1961-003-05009
Object Name Album
Collection Marblehead Town History
Scope & Content/Description 3. FAMILY HISTORY OF HANNAH DEVEREUX...Daughter of John Devereux, a mariner and fisherman… (born in 1615 and died in 1695) and Ann Humphrey…


7. MRS. GREGORY MADE MANY FRIENDS IN HALF CENTURY AS LIBRARIAN……assisted many writers regarding events of early days…8/28/31
Poem: 'Little Lady Gone Away'…a tribute to Mrs. Gregory…by: ? Konra--…

9-23. A COPY OF A LETTER TO 'THE HONORABLE THE SUPERVISING ARCHITECT, TREASURY DEPARTMENT, WASHINGTON, D.C"… A Protest signed by numerous town folks in protest to the building of the Post Office on the corner of Watson and Pleasant Streets…dated Marblehead, Massachusetts, January 21, 1903…


31-33. OUR BARNYARD KNIGHT (My Father, Knott V. Martin)… William Hooper Reynolds wrote this soon after Pa died…THE BOY'S …written in August in 1897, but don't know the preacher's name…

35-45. CLUBS' WERE TRUMPS…Marblehead Messenger-- Aug. 24, 1967 by "Roderick Random"…Morrill's Reynolds…

47-53. MARBLEHEAD HIGH SCHOOL…It's origin and early history 1665-1875…An interesting paper read by Mr. Haskell E. Knowland before the High School Alumni Assoc…Published by the Marblehead Messenger about 1885…From the Collection of Bowden G. Osborne, 1965…

57-61. SECOND GREAT FIRE OF MARBLEHEAD-December 25, 1888…an account by a citizen…

65-105. IN HER FIFTIETH YEAR AS LIBRARIAN OF THE ABBOT PUBLIC LIBRARY…Mrs. Sarah E Gregory, 82, can trace her ancestry back to the first settler's in Marblehead...(by Frank C. Damon)…

107. MRS. GREGORY MADE MANY FRIENDS IN HALF CENTURY AS LIBRARIAN…8/28/31…Assisted Many Writers Regarding Events of Early Days…
86 yrs. At time of death…

111-113. MARBLEHEAD FOREVER…HOW THE BOYS HELP VOTE "NO"…by (Secretary Frank Broughton, Y. M. C. A.)…1880 Miss Marcia Selman wrote a song called "MARBLEHEAD FOREVER"…a school teacher…a native of Marblehead and now a Universalist minister…
(Temperance words, 3 verses)

115-125. MEMORIES BY EBEN WEED…Marblehead Messenger, May 16, 1963…

127. 'THE LITTLE GREEN PEA'…3/74…Story of a Girl Scout Leader…

131. OLD CHART OF MARBLEHEAD… Henry S. Buck, of Boston, presented the Marblehead Society with a chart of Marblehead, photographed from the original sheet #305 in the archives of The United States Coast Guard and Geodetic Survey, surveyed in 1849 and 1850 on a scale of 1'' to 10,000…



Subjects People
Witchcraft trials
Centennial celebrations
Title Black Notebook #9
Creator Bowden Osborne
People Abbott, Gertrude (Noyse)
Abernethy, Cecil
Adams, A. G.
Adams, Arthur S.
Adams, Charlotte (Foss)
Adams, George, Mrs.
Adams, John Calvin

Adams, John
Adams, Samuel
Aery, Christopher
Aery, John
Aery, Thomas
Albright, Susan (Broughton)
Allen, Albert L.
Allen, Ambrose
Allen, Archibald, Mr. & Mrs.
Allen, Benjamin R., Rev.

Allen, David
Allen, Ethan
Allen, Etta (Humphrey)
Allen, Harry, Mr. & Mrs.
Allerton, Isaac
Allerton, Remember
Alley, James, Mr. & Mrs.

Alley, Mary A.
Almy, Lottie (Hawkes)
Annabile, Ethel (Goodwin)

Anthony, E. A., Mrs.
Appleton, Daniel
Appleton, Thomas
Arey, Thomas
Arnold, William
Arrington, Thomas B.
Ashe, Susan (Gile)

Atkins, Nathaniel
Atkins, Rebecca (Allen)
Austin, Frances (Hyland)

Avery, John, Rev.
Babbidge, Caroline (Hammond)
Bacon, Lorena
Baker, Alice (Lefavour)
Baker, Bertha (Potter)
Baker, Hannah (Peach)
Baker, Percy H.
Balcomb, Wallace P.
Ballard, George
Ballard, John H.
Bancroft, Jennie (Pope)
Barnard, Edwin, Mr. & Mrs.
Barnard, John
Barnett, John, Rev. Dr.
Barry, John
Barry, Thomas
Bartlett, A. M.

Bartlett, Anna S.
Bartlett, Annie
Bartlett, Arthur
Bartlett, C. F.

Bartlett, Carrie
Bartlett, Hannah (Girdler)
Bartlett, Herbert B.
Bartlett, John S.
Bartlett, Joseph
Bartlett, Lewis, Mr. & Mrs.
Bartlett, N.

Bartlett, Sarah (Sweetland)
Bartol, Arthur W., Mr. & Mrs.
Bartol, Mary

Bartol, Samuel
Bartol, William
Bartoll, Wm H.
Bassett, Elias

Bassett, Frank H.
Bassett, Frank W.
Bassett, Joseph M.
Bassett, Sarah

Batchelder, James
Batcheller, Cathrine (Noyes)
Batcheller, James B.

Bates, John
Beal, William
Beals, Mabel (Titus)
Beede, J. Frank

Beede, James K.
Belknap, Jane ( Girdler)
Bessom, Joseph
Bessom, R. H., Jr.
Bessom, R. H.
Bessom, Richard, Mr. & Mrs.
Bessom, Richard

Bessom, Sarah E.
Bessom, Sarah
Bessom, William E.
Bird, John T.

Birminghan, Martha (Trefry)
Bissonne, Nicholas
Bissonne, Phillipe

Bissonne, Richard
Blackler, Jane
Blackler, Samuel
Blaisdell, Etta A.

Blanchard, Edith (Mitchell)
Blaney, B. H.
Blaney, Charles J.
Blaney, David H.
Blaney, Henry L.
Blaney, John
Blethen, Lizzie (Dennis)

Bliss, Albert
Bliss, Fedriec T., Mr. & Mrs.
Bliss, May (Brown)

Bliss, Sarah (Goss)
Blood, Margaret (Thompson)
Blood, Mr.
Boardman, F.
Boardman, Frank, Capt.
Boardman, Thomas
Bodwell, Martha (Smith)
Bolin, Anne
Bond, Alice (Knowland)
Bondfield, George
Bourne, May (Knight)
Boutell, Gertrude (Graves)
Bowden, James G., Mr. & Mrs.
Bowden, Jas F.
Bowden, Jos G.
Bowden, Nathan
Bowden, Russell
Bowden, Thos J.
Bowden, W. E.
Bowden, Walter F.
Bowen, Anna E.
Boyle, John
Boyle, William
Boyton, William F., Mr. & Mrs.
Bradbury, Eliza (Hooper)
Bradford, William
Bray, M, Elizabeth
Bray, Mary Andrews
Brewer, Sarah (Doliber)
Brigham, Minnie (Davis)
Broderick, Jerry
Broderick, Paterick
Broderick, Peter
Broughton, Frank
Broughton, Horace G.
Broughton, Horace L.
Broughton, Wm. H.
Brown, Aaron A.
Brown, Agustus M., Mr. & Mrs.
Brown, B. F.
Brown, B. Frank
Brown, Calvin K.
Brown, Edward G.
Brown, Elmer
Brown, J. F., 2nd
Brown, Lusher
Brown, Mary Gerry
Brown, W. E.
Brown, William A., 2nd
Brown, William A.
Brown, William G.
Brown, William
Brown, Winthrop
Bsrron, Fred C.
Buck, Henry H,. Esq.
Bunny, John
Burridge, Annie
Burroughs, George, Rev.
Butman, Wm B.
Callahan, Colleen
Calley, Eben P.
Carder, Rebecca
Coos, Grace
Carroll, H. L., Jr.
Carver, Gov.

Casey, William
Cash, William H.
Chamberlain, George
Chapman, Emma

Chapman, S. F.
Chapman, Thomas R., Jr.
Chapman, Thos R.
Chase, Andrew B.
Chase, Fred L.
Chase, Henry
Chase, Russell
Cheever, Amos

Cheever, Ruth
Cheever, Samuel, Rev.
Chisholm, William
Clattery, Mary

Cloon, Horace
Cloon, William F.
Clorke, Abigail
Coates, Chas B.
Colbert, Daniel J.
Colbert, L. B.
Cole, Frank
Cole, Jonathan
Cole, Richard T.

Collyer, John, Capt.
Conant, Elizabeth
Conkling, Master
Conly, Frank E.

Corner, John
Cory, Giles
Cotton, Josiah
Craddock, Mr.
Creesy, Joanna C.
Creesy, Josian Perkins
Cronk, B. R.
Cruff, W. H.
Currier, Capt.

Cutler, Louise
Damon, Frakn C.
Dana, Samuel, Rev.
Darby, Alice
Darling, Ezekiel
Dastan, Sarah
Davis, John E.
Davis, Levi A.
Davis, Ronald
Davis, Samuel C.
Day, Ernest
Day, William H.
Dennis, Humphrey
Devereaux, John
Devereaux, Robert
Dickey, M. W.
Dinsmore, George F.
Dixie, B. D.
Dixie, Mary
Dixon, Joseph
Dodd, Sarah
Doherty, John W.
Dolan, John
Doliber, F. R.
Doliber, Mary
Doliber, S. F.
Doliber, Samuel
D'Oyley, Nigel, Capt.
Dupar, Samuel
Eastland, P. H. G.
Ellis, Margaret
Esllsworth, Thomas
Eustis, Fred
Eustis, William C.
Evans, L., Miss
Fader, Hiram S.
Fader, J. H.
Fair, Charles M.
Ferguson, Mary
Field, Mr.
Fisk, Amanda
Fiske, Thomas
Fline, Deacon
Flint, Lizzie
Florence, "Bummy"
Fortune, Mary
Foss, Thomas
Fowler, C. H.
Frances, Edward J.
Frank, Charles Fredrick, Jr.
Franklin, Benj.
Franks, Charles Fredrick, Jr.
Franks, Charles Fredrick
Freeto, John F.
Fuller, Caroline W.
Fuller, Henry Ward
Gage, Gen
Gale, Ambrose
Gale, Benjamin
Gale, Deliverance
Gale, Hannah
Gale, Miriam
Gale, Sarah
Gale, Thomas A.

Gardner, S. B.
Garman, James
Garney, John G. C.
Gatchell, Elizabeth

Gerry, Elbridge
Gilbert, John L.
Gilbert, Jos
Gilbert, Thomas
Giles, John H. L.
Gilley, Alicia
Gilley, William L.
Gilley, William
Girdler, Francis

Glass, Elizabeth
Glass, Herbert R.
Glover, Edmund P.
Glover, John, Gen.

Goldsmith, George H.
Goldsmith, Richard
Goldthwait, William J.
Goodwin, Ben
Goodwin, Charles H.
Goodwin, Elbridge
Goodwin, Frank W.
Goodwin, Henry A.
Goodwin, John
Goodwin, Jos G.
Goodwin, Sarah
Goodwin, William
Gorman, Thomas H.
Goss, G. E.
Goss, Geo S.

Goss, Richard
Graves, F. A.
Graves, Geo P.
Graves, Joseph R.
Graves, Joseph, 2nd
Graves, M. H.
Graves, Merrill H.
Graves, Philip E.
Graves, Samuel C.
Green, Joseph G.
Green, Josiah N,
Greene, Emery L.
Greene, George A.
Greene, J. G.
Greene, John H., 2nd
Greene, Joseph, Parson

Greene, Josie S. L.
Greenfield, Peter
Gregory William D.
Gregory, Frank F., Capt.
Gregory, James J. H.
Gregory, Joseph, Capt.
Gregory, Joseph

Gregory, Lafayette
Gregory, Michael B. Capt.
Gregory, Micheal (sic) B.

Gregory, Samuel B, Capt.
Gregory, Sarah E.
Gregory, Tom
Gregory, William D., 2nd
Gregory, William D.
Grenfell, Wilfred, Dr.
Grenough, Walter D.
Griggs, Dr.
Haley, John T.
Haley, W. W.
Hall, Herbert J., MD

Hamilton, Katherine
Hammond, Jos E.
Hanaford, Miriam
Hancock, John

Hanson, Stephen
Harris, Edward E.
Harris, George S.
Harris, J. C.
Harris, J. N.
Harris, Samuel G.
Haskell, John H.
Hathaway, S. R.
Hathaway, Stephen B.
Hawley, Joanna
Hazard, Lewis, Capt.
Hazell, John
Healy, Albert
Henderson, Henry
Henly, Sarah
Hickley, Orville
Hidden, Samuel B.
Higgins, Richard B.
Hiller, Bessie
Hiller, J. E.
Hiller, William F.
Holyoke, Edward
Homan, George
Homan, Joseph
Hooper, Robert, Jr.

Hooper, William L.
Hooper, William, Capt.
Hopkins, M. B.
Howe, Charles
Hubbard, Ebenezer, Rev.
Humphrey, George
Humphreys, Ann

Humphreys, John
Humphries, Edward
Hunt, William M.
Hussey, M. E.

Hutchinson, Theodore M.
Ingalls, Thomas
Ingalls, Wm H.
Ireson, Harriet

Israel, Rupert R.
Jackson, H.D.
Jacobsen, John W.
James, Harold, Mrs.

Jinks, Capt.
Jones, E. Louise
Joyce, Michael
Keen, A. A.
Keenan, Michael E.
Keenan, Patrick H.
Keenan, Thomas H.
Keith, Sir Walter

Keyes, Sir Roger
Kiernan, Timothy E.
King, Thomas H.
Knight, Amy

Knight, George
Knight, Harris
Knight, Mary Chinn
Knott, Richard, Dr.

Knowland, Hazel E.
Knowland, William C.
Knowlton, Ebenezer
Lancey, John
Laskey, P. B., D.M.D.
Laskey, Philip B.
Laskey, Wn P.
Lawrence, Edward A., Dr.
Lecraw, Boggy
Lecraw, John

Lecraw, Wm
Lee, Jeremiah
Lee, Richard Henry
Lefavour, Arthur
Lefavour, D. D.
Lefavour, H. D.
Lefavour, John H.
Legg, Elizabeth
Leicester, Walter
Lemmon, Billy
Leornard, Miss
Lewis, Geo B.

Lindsey, Benj J.
Lindsey, Benj
Lindsey, Joseph H.
Lindsey, N. Allen

Litchman, William T.
Littell, Henry A.
Loham, T., Jr.
Loham, Thomas

Lynch, Tinothy
Magee, Frank
Magee, Lt.
Main, Thomas
Mann, Frank W.
Manning, Capt.
Marchant, John, Capt.
Marshall, Edgar A.
Marshall, Foster L.
Martin, Benj. F., 2nd
Martin, Benj. Franklin
Martin, Frank D.

Martin, Horace M.
Martin, John S.
Martin, Knott V.
Martin, Knott Vickery
Martin, Thomas S.
Mason, Isaac W., Jr.
Mather, Cotton
Maverick, Eunice
Maverick, Moses
McClearn, Stewart
McCool, Thomas
Meilbye, J. B.
Melvin, Benj G.
Melvin, John
Merrell, William B., Jr.
Merrill, Wm B.
Merrit, Mary
Merritt, John
Merritt, Mary
Miller, Philip E.
Millett, Hervey
Monroe, William
Morris, Robert, Esq.
Morse, Frank I.
Mugford, James
Mulvihill, Holly
Mulvihill, R. Thomas
Murphy, Ed T.
Neilson, Wm, M.D.
Nichols, Geo E.
Nichols, R. A.
Nickerson, Wm L.
Niles, M. A. H., Rev.
Nood, Patrick
Nurse, Rebecca
Nutting, William F.
Ober, P. G.
O'Brien, Edward, J.
O'Connor, M. J.
O'Donnell, John

Orne, Azor
Orne, Frank P.
Orne, J. H., Esq.
Orne, Jonathan
Osborne, Bowden G.
Osborne, Charles E.
Osborne, John N.
Osgood, Fred H.
Paine, Andrew J.
Paine, Andrew
Paine, Eliza
Paine, Everett
Paine, John
Paine, Ruben
Paine, T. W.
Parker, Capt.
Parker, Edmund
Parker, Francis A.
Parker, J. Edgar
Parker, John S.
Parmiter, Benjamin
Parris, Betty

Parris, Samuel, Rev.
Parsons, James C.
Pattey, John C.
Peach, George H.

Peach, Samuel C.
Pedrick, Benj J.
Pedrick, Dorcas
Pedrick, Miriam
Perry, Oliver Hazard, Com.
Peter, Hugh
Phillips, B. A.
Phillips, Thomas
Pierce, Nathaniel T.
Pitcairn, Major
Pitman, Benj G.
Pitman, Charity
Pitman, Jane
Pitman, John
Pitman, Rebecca C.
Pitman, Thomas S.
Pope, Joseph G.
Pope, Nicholas W.
Porter, John O., Jr.
Porter, John O.
Potter, Henry
Powers, John F.
Powers, Samuel
Prentiss, Sam, Capt.
Prescott, Col.
Prichard, Benj V.
Procter, Elizabeth
Procter, John
Punchard, J. Frank
Purdon, J. R.
Putnam, Ann
Rahl, Col.
Ramsdell, Richard, Capt.

Ramsdell, Susanna
Read, Edward
Reed, John N.
Reith, Richard
Revere, Paul
Reynolds, Joel
Reynolds, Morrill S.
Reynolds, William Hooper

Rich, Stephen F.
Rieley, Alexander
Rix, I. P.
Roads, Samuel, Jr.
Roads, Simon
Roads, William S., Jr.
Robinson, Charles
Rodgers, L. M.
Rodgers, Nat
Rodgers, W. A.
Rodgers, W.
Ropes, H. S.
Roundney, Arthur H.

Roundy, Alexis
Roundy, Emma
Roundy, G. C.
Russell, Elizabeth
Russell, John W.
Ryan, Frank J.
Ryan, John F.
Salkins, J. Y.
Sanborn, Nathan P.

Sanborn, P. L., M.D.
Sardin, Charity
Sardin, Samuel
Saunders, Richard

Savory, Benjamin
Scott, E. J.
Scott, Mr.
Scott, R. M.
Seaward, John

Selman, Marcia Martin, Rev.
Shattuck, F. M.
Shepard, Arthur P.
Shepard, C. A.
Shepard, George W.
Shepard, James
Shepard, Wm. H.
Shinnick, Wm
Sinclair, E. C.
Slee, Charles A.
Smith, John D.
Smith, Sam D.

Smith, Samuel
Snow, Thomas, D.
Soper, Benj P.
Spaulding, E. E.
Spencer, Cynthia (Freeman Barr)
Stacey, Agnes
Stacey, John
Stacey, Thomas B.

Stacey, Wm T.
Stacey, Wm. L.
Standish, Capt.
Stanley, Alexander

Stanley, W. S.
Stevens, William H., 2nd
Stever, George C.
Stoddard, S. W.

Stone, "Miah"
Stone, Andrews M.
Stone, Martha
Stone, W.
Stone, William B.
Stoughton, William, Ch. Just.
Stubbs, Chas E.
Sullivan Wm H.
Sullivan, John D.
Sullivan, Thomas H.
Swasey, T. R.
Swasey, Thomas
Sweetland, H. S.
Swett, Frank, Capt.
Swett, Joseph
Symmes, Anna
Taylor, George W.
Thacher, Anthony
Thompson, A. K.
Thompson, Edward
Thorburn, Geo H.
Thorner, Wm R.
Thrasher, A. E.
Throgmorton, Mr.
Titus, Celia
Townsend, Lady Miriam
Traill, Martha B.
Trasher, Philip
Trefry, Wm C. W.
Trefry, Wn L.
Tucker, Chadwell
Tucker, Samuel, Commodore
Tucker, Thomas W.
Tutt, Irving
Vickery, Bowden
Vickery, Harry
Villers, Alan
Wadden, Frank L.
Wadden, N. L.
Ward, Sarah
Ward, William
Warren, Dr.
Washington, George, Gen.
Watts, Elizabeth
Webster, Daniel
Weed, Eban
Weed, Wallace D.
Weymouth, Charles
White, Elias, Jr.
White, John, Capt.
White, Peter

White, Philip, Capt.
White, Thomas F.
White, Willard
Whitwell, Wm, Rev.
Widger, Horace B.
Widger, William F.
Wiggins, Benj. B.
Wiggins, Thomas P.
Wilkins, Henry P. F.
Willey, Mr.
William, Chas H.
Williams, Abigail
Williams, John H, Rev.
Wilson, Betsy
Wilson, Frank B.
Wilson, George, Capt.
Wilson, Lydia
Windslow, William H.
Withum, Samuel B.

Withum, John H.
Woodfin, John H.
Woodfin, John Hooper
Woodfin, Mary Eliza
Woodfin, Richard Lawrence
Woodfin, Richard
Wormstead, J. S.
Wormstead, Joseph
Wormstead, William H.
Wright, Joseph T.
Wyman, Isaac C.
Search Terms Marblehead Forever
Salem Witch Museum
Girl Scouts
Men's Clubs
Post Office
Devereux Family
Lexicon category 8: Communication Artifact
Lexicon sub-category Documentary Artifact
Condition Fair