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Catalog Number/Object ID 1961-003-05008
Object Name Album
Collection Marblehead Town History
Scope & Content/Description 3. PICTURES…Old ice house being torn down by Transportation Co…
Old Boston Yacht Club at State Street Wharf…State Street Wharf…

5. SHACKS MUST GO…Selectmen voted shacks and cottages at Fort Sewall must be removed by January 1, 1962…

7. PICTURES OF OLD BOSTON YACHT CLUB…bought by Marblehead for $38,000 in 1956…now being torn down…

9-11. CODNER'S COVE…by J.J.H. Gregory Dec20,1901'…A Plan of Codner's Cove…Messenger March 17, 1893…Where Was Glover Wharf…by James J.J.H. Gregory …Oct 16th, 1903…Gilbert's Wharf-Right of Way…Messenger March 20, 1896…

13-14. YACHT CLUB COMPROMISE…(twelve years of litigation, at a cost to the town of fifteen thousand dollars)…Anniversary of the storm of 1869 forty-six years ago…Harbor frozen over…(1918, coldest Jan-Feb. in 40 years) during the week of Jan,1918…Wharf Property...Charles T. Burns remover thirty-four horse loads of muscles left by the fishermen during the winter…

15-19. THE WHARF QUESTION…Origin of litigation…Messenger March 22, 1907…(note: second page missing)…Ref. to land right's between the Eastern Yacht Club, The Boston Yacht Club and to the town as to the use and ownership rights of the Wharves at State Street…article written by: J.R.K…April 3, 1903…Marbleheaders decided that the decision of the vote on October 21,1662 that 'It is agreed On by us the Commoners of the Towne at a publicke Towne Meetinge that the Cove lyinge between John Codners & John Northyes stage shall be for Common landing place for the use of the publicke good of the Town for ever. Whereunto we present have sett to or hands this 21st day of October 1662."…Messenger September 2, 1938…

21-45. AGAINST THE TOWN…Yacht Club's case regarding title of land around the Wharf…Judge Davis of the LAND COURT Renders Adverse Opinion, Full Text of the Decision Makes an Interesting History…C.T Davis, Associate Judge…Messenger…December 13, 1908…

46. AS A TOWN LAWYER SEES IT…signed "A Fisherman"…December 20, 1908…A fisherman's rebuttal to Judge Davis's decision…December 20, 1908…

47-48. AN EXPLANATION ABOUT CODNER'S COVE…Messenger May 9, 1902…A letter to the Messenger from N.A. Lindsey and Company re: inaccurate statements regarding the history of the Wharves of Marblehead at the foot of State Street, formerly known as the "Town Dock" and asking please to give a more accurate account…

49. THE LAND LAYS STILL…Apiece of land lays still for years and years until someone wants to claim title to it…Refers to land down at Fort Beach on the Little Harbor side…Picture of a typical lobsterman's Shanty…

51. THE TRADITIONAL OWNERS OF OUR HARBOR FRONT…by: James J.H. Gregory…Messenger Oct. 20, 1905…discussion of ownership of land from "Gale's Point", now known as Fort Sewall, to the foot of Darling Street.
Along the waterfront area…

53-59. TESTAMONIAL of MARBLEHEADER'S…Marblehead verses Boston and Eastern Yacht Clubs for Registration of Wharf Property…Messenger February 27, 1903…

61-62. WHO OWNS THE PROPERTY?...Refers to a piece of land near Fort Sewall which there is reasonable cause to believe has rightfully belonged to the town since 1816…Messenger July 8, 1892…


64. THEY GATHERED THE HARVEST OF THE SEA…author unknown…tells the life of a fisherman….

65-69. THEY THAT GO DOWN TO THE SEA IN SHIPS…IN SEARCH OF THE SACRED COD…by Roger Tuveson, a teacher and coach in the Marblehead school system for fifteen years… a sports fisherman who readily admits a deep love for the sea and the history and traditions of Marblehead…Messenger week of June 6, 1979…

71. PICTURES…a Salt Barrow…before the days of artificial refrigeration the fisherman at sea preserved their catch by salting down their fish as soon as they were caught…when brought ashore the salt was washed off and the fillets were spread out to dry on low, wooden, stagings known as "fishflakes"…occasionally re-salting was necessary and these wheelbarrows were devised to carry to transport the salt…
A Picture of Appleton's Wharf 1850…

73. MORE PICTURES…OF A : a lobster shanty…Fish Flakes…and an early Marblehead Sailing Dory…

75. PICTURE OF' PUBLIC LANDING AT COMMERCIAL STREET'…located at the foot of Commercial Street…another picture of' SHIPPING IN PORT'…at Commercial Street Wharf …Deep draft vessels brought lime ,coal and sand to the wharves of John S. Martin coal company

77. POEM…from New York Clipper…REPRINTED IN THE Marblehead Messenger October 30th, 1875…also a picture of Marblehead Harbor…

79VIEW OF THE TOWN WITH FISH FLAKES…Little Harbor curing fish…Fishing shanty at Fort Beach…Appleton's Wharf…

81. SURVIVORS OF THE PROSPEROUS FISHING DAYS…buildings at the Wharf…a fisherman's shanty…


85. TOWN FISHERMEN WILL BE HONORED…to the memory of the fisherman lost in The Gale of September 19, 1846 there was a rededication of THE FISHERMAN'S MONUMENT at The Old Burial Hill… October 25, 1975…

87-89. MONUMENT RECALLS MARBLEHEAD'S WORST DISASTER…article from the Daily Evening Item, October 25, 1975 by Bill Pike…

91. THE SEA IS A BLUE-GREEN THREAD RUNNING THRU ALL 'HEAD' HISTORY…by M. Ruth Putnam…the sea is a blue-green thread which connects the past with the present...

93-95. MARBLE HARBOR KNOWN ONCE AS 'FISHING STAGE'…by M. Ruth Putnam…The projection of the rocky peninsula that became Marblehead was termed a "fishing stage" of the Pilgrims of Plymouth before the arrival of the Puritan's of Winthrop's company, according to early records…WRESTING A LIVING FROM THE SEA WAS NOT EASY…

97. OLD MARBLEHEAD IN VERSE…The Call of the Sea…by W.D. Weed…

99. AN UNUSUAL KIND OF FISH…caught by William H. Frost…a cod fish in which were found both pea and spawn and the milt…Messenger 21, 1894… Augustus Roundy caught a bright blue lobster without mottle of red or black which he kept in a pail of sea water…Joshua Withum caught a Sea Horse not commonly found in these waters…1933…

101. MORE MARBLEHEAD PICTURES…The Fish Flakes on Front Street…Oldtime Marblehead Warehouse at Fort Beach…Marblehead lobster Shack…

103. A PICTURE OF A LOBSTER SHANTY AT FORT BEACH…1909 The fishing Ship 'Gracie' ran aground off of Block Island…

Subjects Waterfronts
Fish drying
Fishing boats
Fishing industry
Title Black Notebook #8
Creator Bowden Osborne
People Allerton, Isaac
Alley, Mary A.
Arey, Thomas
Atkins, Joseph
Bakey, Roger
Barnard, John, Rev.
Bartlow, H.B.
Bates, John
Berry, George

Bessom, Richard
Bishop, Hugh
Blackler, Samuel, Jr.
Blackler, William

Blair, Robert
Bond, Master
Bowden, John
Bowden, Joseph C.
Bradean, Joseph
Bridgeo, George
Bridgeo, William G.
Brown, Samuel H.
Browno, Aleanda
Burns, Charles T.
Caswell, Thomas P. Jr
Chadwick, Charles
Cheney, Benjamin P.
Childs, Samuel
Codner, John
Collins, William
Conley, Frank E.
Cotter, John
Courtis, John
Craddock, Arthur

Craddock, Mathew
Craddock, Matthew
Cratey, Andrew
Cross, John

Curtis, Watson
Davis, C. T., Judge
Dennis, John
Derby, Richard

Devereux, Elizabeth Gerry
Devereux, Robert
Dixey, Benjamin B.

Dixey, Edward H., Jr.
Dixey, Edward, Jr
Dodd, Benjamin
Dodd, Samuel

Doliber, Thomas
Donaldson, Fredrock, Jr.
Driver, George Hibbert
Driver, William, Capt.
Eastland, James
Felton, Fra.
Florence, Nicholas
Forster, Israel, Major
Fowle, Jacob
Frost William H.
Gale, Ambrose
Garney, Benjamin, Jr
Gatchel, Samuel
Gerry, Elbridge, Esq.
Gerry, John
Gerry, Samuel R.
Gerry, Thomas
Gilbert, John G.
Gilbert, John
Giles, John H. L., Capt.
Giles, John L.
Giles, Mark Haskell
Girdler, William
Glover, Gen.
Glover, John
Glover, Jonathan
Goelet, Francis, Capt.
Goldsmith, Samuel
Goldsmith, William M, Mrs.
Goldthwait, William J.

Goodwin, Sam
Goss, Richard
Grant, Thomas, Capt.
Graves, James C.

Graves, Joseph
Graves, Sam
Green, John
Gregory, James J. H.
Hamson, John C.
Harris, Mason
Harris, William
Hawkes, William
Higgins, Forsell

Higginson, Parson

Hiller, Richard C.
Holmes, Edward, Capt.
Homan, Edward
Homan, Joseph
Hooper, Rabub
Hooper, Robert
Hooper, William L.
Hooper, William
Humphrey, Amos, II
Humphrey, Edward
Hunt, John
James Richard
Johannot, Major
Kirk, John, Capt.
Knight, Russell
Lancy, John

Leach, Eleazer
Lecraw, Ebenezer
Lee, Jeremiah
Lee, Joseph
Lee, William R., Col.
Lee, William R.
LeMaster, George
Lindsey, Benjamin J.
Lindsey, N. A.
Lindsey, Nathaniel
Lore, Clinton
Mansfield, Isaac
Martin, Benjamin
Martin, Gerry
Martin, John S.
Mason James
Mason, Isaac W.

Maverick, Moses
Maverick, Samuel
Messervey, Ambrose, Capt.
Morton, Thomas
Newhall (the cooper)
Nick, Richard
Nick, William, R.
Norman, Richard
Northey, John
O'Brien, Theodore P.
Orne, Azor

Orne, Timothy
Paine, T. T.
Pares, Richard
Peachey, Moses
Pedrick, Elisha D.
Pedrick, Thomas
Phillips W. W.
Phillips, Michael
Phillips, Stephen
Pierce, David
Pierce, William, Capt
Pitman Henry F.
Pitman, Henry
Pitman, Thomas
Porter, Manny
Reed, Richard

Reed, Samuel
Roads, John M.
Roads, Samuel
Robinson, Andrew, Capt.

Rogers, Samuel
Roundy, Augustus
Selman, Archibald
Selman, John

Sewall, Samuel
Sinclair, Archibald, Jr.
Smith, John, Capt.
Snow, C. H.

Snow, John
Sparhawk, Henry C.
Stacey, Osmond C.
Stacey, Richard
Standley, Sam
Stasie, John
Stasie, William
Stevens, Francis

Stone, Nehemiah
Swett, Joseph
Thrasher, Phillip
Trefrey, (sic)Edward

Trefrey, (sic)John
Tucker, Philip B.
Tutt, Richard
Tuveson, Roger

Wadden, Isaac
Wade, Phil
Wait, Samuel
Wallis, John
Weed, Wallace

White, John, Jr.
Wilkins, Henry F. P.
Withum, Joshua
Woolridge, William
Search Terms Waterfront
Lexicon category 8: Communication Artifact
Lexicon sub-category Documentary Artifact
Condition Fair