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Catalog Number/Object ID 1961-003-05005
Object Name Album
Collection Marblehead Town History
Scope & Content/Description 1-43. THE LIVES AND LIVELIHOODS OF THE MARBLEHEAD IRISH, by Edward J. Cudihy.

45-49. THE EARLY DAYS OF THE STAR OF THE SEA CHURCH, taken from "The History and Tradition of Marblehead" by Samuel Roads, Jr.

51-69. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT MARBLEHEAD, by Louise Martin Cutler, ( 7 copies).

81-89. HISTORICAL SKETCH OF MARBLEHEAD, From 1635 to the Present Day (1871), compiled and written by the Story Debating Society, November 24, 1871.

95-97. MARBLEHED SKETCHES, from as early as 1629.

99-101. LISTS CONTENTS OF ROOMS…? In Lee Mansion.

103-115. PICTURE COMMENTARY, difficult to read.

117. THE MANSION HOUSE, built 1770-1790 by Samuel Hooper.


137. MARBLEHEAD SKETCHES, from as early as 1629, Messenger, November 3, 1905.

143. GLOVER. ORLEANS COUNTY VERMONT, reference to land granted to John Glover and assoc…June 27, 1781, when Glover was in command of his brigade in the valley of the Hudson River, Messenger, November 3,1905

144. References to CLOON FAMILY.

145-158. NEW MARBLEHEAD IN WINDHAM, MAINE, history of.

159. MORE CONTENTS OF ROOMS…Possibly from Lee Mansion

161-167. PICTURE COMMENTARY, old walking tour of Washington, Pearl and Mugford Streets.


181. CUTE LETTER, from a Mrs. Frederick H. Bust.

183-190. FROM ANTIQUE BAKERY TO A HOME, built in 1660 from a bakery-mortuary-ice cream parlor-fried clam restaurant to a home…Washington Street across from the OKO'S.

191-205. BOWD OSBORNE…THIS IS YOUR LIFE…by Louise Martin Cutler for Bowd's 80th birthday…

209-211. CONT. NOTES FROM HISTORICAL SKETCHES OF SALEM…1884…1727…1812…1684…1812…1734-June 25…1640-50…1700…

213-214. NEW MARBLEHEAD…Windham Maine

215-216. EXTRACT FROM AN OLD DEED…GIVEN TO Wm. Mayberry…6th April, 1753…Messenger June 11, 1880

219. THE LIBERTY POLE…stood at Cross Street and Pleasant…erected 1848…Messenger July, 1882

220. GRAVEYARD CURIOSITIES…Messenger September 1, 1893



Subjects Catholic churches
Ship yards
Church & education
Church dedications
Title Black Notebook #5
Creator Bowden Osborne
People Aery, Tom
Allen, Timothy
Allerton, Isaac
Allerton, Mr.
Armstrong, Sam
Avery, Mr.
Banks, Lydia, Mrs.
Barber, William
Barber, William
Barker, Elizabeth
Barrett, Ann
Bartol, John
Bartoll, John
Batchelder, H.M.
Beal, William
Bently, William
Bernard, Francis, Gov.
Bliss, Nathaniel
Bowdoin, Ben
Bowing, David Thomas
Bradstreet, John
Broderick, Dan
Broughton, Charles
Burns, Winifred
Bust, Frederic H., Mrs.
Canniffe, Jim
Carwithin, David
Carwithin, Samuel
Casey, Nellie
Chadwick, Ben
Charles, William
Cheever, Samuel, Rev.
Chillson, Walsingham
Chin, George
Chuchester, William
Clarke, Emanuel
Cloon, Horace
Cloon, Samuel
Cloon, William F.
Coit, John
Colbert, Alice
Colbert, Dan
Colbert, Luke
Collins, Dan
Collins, Dan
Collins, Francis
Conners, Bart
Corwithen, David, Sr.
Coyt, John
Cradock, Matthew
Cradock, Rebecca
Crowley, John
Cudihy, Edward J.
Cudihy, John
Curtis, Richard
Curwithen, David
Cutler, Louise
Daly, Hannah
Devereux, John
Deveroe, John
Dixey, Thomas
Dixey, William
Doherty, Charlie
Doherty, John
Dolan, John
Dole, Fredrick H.
Doliber, Joseph
Doliber, Samuel
Doliber, Samuel
Donovan, Dennis
Donovan, John
Dooling, Elizabeth
Dooling, Helen
Dooling, Mary
Dooling, Mildred
Downey, Annie
Downey, Tommy
Downing, Emanuel
Dugan, One-Shot
Edwards, Thomas
Farrell, Doanie
Farry, John
Fleming, Wallace
Foley, Pat
Frawley, William
Friend, John
Friend, Samuel
Gale, Ambrose
Gale, Ambrose
Gallison, John
Gallison, Joseph
Gatchell, John
Gilday, Father
Glass, Richard
Glover, Richard
Goodwin, Ben
Goodwin, William
Gould, Zacheus
Grady, Mike
Graves, Jim
Gray, Thomas
Haggett, Ted
Haley, Wallace, Dr.
Hanson, George
Hargedon, Father
Harris, Anne Doherty
Harris, Norris
Hart, John
Hart, Tim
Harwood, Henry
Hawkes, Ebenezer
Healey, Daniel S., Rev.
Hendley, Eilas
Hide, Richard
Hollingworth, Richard
Hooper, Samuel
Hourihan, Jim
Hourihan, Nellie
Humphrey, John
Hunter, William
James, Erasmus
James, Jane
Jewett, Joseph
Johnson, Francis
Johnson, Francis
Kennedy, Joe
Kiely, Bumper
Kiernan, Red Frank
Kimball, Gard
Knight, Robert
Lane, Thomas
Lattimer, Christopher
Lawlor, Francis
Lawlor, Richard
Legg, Elizabeth
Legg, John
Lion, John
Looney, Mary
Love, Dave
Luckin, William
Lyons, Tom
Mace, Joe
Mahoney, John
Marritt, Nicholas
Martin, Edward
Martin, Elliot
Martin, John
Martin, Johnny Eddie
Martin, Knott
Martin, Raymond
Maverick, Moses
McCarthy, Monsignor
McCloskey, Barney
McCloskey, Barney
McCloskey, Catherine
McCloskey, Nanny
McCloskey, Nellie
McCool, Father
McCool, Tom
McCoy, Father
McCoy, John
McCoy, Tom
McGill Ed
McGill, Gertrude
McGill, Mike
McGills, Ed
McGrane, P.B.
Miller, John
Monahan, Tom
Montpelier, Billy
Nicholson, Edmund
Nicholson, Francis, Col.
Norman, John
Norman, Richard
Northey, John
Oatley, Adam
O'Brien, Ed
O'Brien, John
Oliver, Thomas
Osborne, Adelaide
Osborne, Bowd
Osborne, John
Osgood, Charles
Paine, John
Payne, William
Peach, John, Jr.
Peach, John, Sr.
Pease Henry
Perley, Sidney
Perley, Sidney
Peter, Hugh
Petford, Peter
Pickman, Nathaniel
Pierce, Alden
Pitman, Thomas
Pitt, William
Quiner, Bill
Quinn, Davy
Rafferty, Jack
Rainoni, Charles, Rev.
Ramsdell, Arthur
Reith, Richard
Roads, Samuel, Jr.
Rockett, Dick
Rowland, Richard
Ruck, John
Russell, Richard
Ryan, Sabina
Sanden, Arthur
Sandin, Arthur
Shehan, Thomas, Rev.
Simson, Francis
Smith, James
Smith, James
Snow, Samuel
Snow, Tom
Stacey, Ebenezer
Stacey, Henry
Stacey, John
Stoddard, Solomon
Straton, William
Sullivan, Father
Sullivan, Jim
Taymour, Thomas
Temple, Richard
Thatcher, Anthony
Thorndyke, George
Tuck, Thomas
Turner, Isaac
Tutt, Dick
Underwood, James
Waldron, Jim
Waldron, John
Walsh, Senator
Walton, Mr.
Walton, Samuel
Walton, William
Ward, Billy
Ward, Samuel, Capt.
White, Elias
White, Jack
White, Pete
Whitear, Abraham
Whiteare, Abraham
Wight, John, Rev.
Williams, Abraham
Wormstead, Joseph E.
Younged, Joseph
Search Terms Downtown
Peaches Point
Naugus Head
Bessoms Beach
Clifton Heights
River Head Beach
Catholic Club
Temperance Society
Star of the Sea Church
Mary Alley Hospital
Small Pox
Martin's LaneBrick Pond
Dutch Canal
Shinbone Alley
Civil War
War of 1812
Town Crier
Liberty Hose
Broad Street
Seaman's Monument
General Court
Dutch ovens
Walking Tours
The Mansion House
Indian Lore
Liberty Pole
New Marblehead
Lexicon category 8: Communication Artifact
Lexicon sub-category Documentary Artifact
Condition Good