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Catalog Number/Object ID 1961-003-05007
Object Name Album
Collection Marblehead Town History

3-5. DOCUMENTS RELATING TO MARBLEHEAD FROM THE MASSACHUSETTS ARCHIVES…Att: a General Court Holden at Boston February 7th 1689/90…Marblehead County Rates…Essex Inst. Hist. Coll. Vol.LIV. July 1918…

7. A STORY (BOOK) HOMECOMING…5/23/1978…Mary Graves Bowden…age 95…

9-10. GOODBYE TO A SCHOOL WITH MEMORIES…home coming day and final goodbye to the STORY SCHOOL…pictures…

11. THE MARCHANT PRIMARY SCHOOL AT MARBLEHEAD… was located on Idler's Hill, High Street

THE COFFIN APARTMENT HOUSE…what was formerly 'THE STORY BOYS' GRAMMAR school building.


17. TEACHER…picture of a one room school house…PICTURE OF HEADQUARTERS OF MARBLEHEAD RED CROSS…Sewall Street…

19. THUMBS DOWN TO SCHOOL…A curious history…

21. FIRST PROVISION FOR PUBLIC EDUCATION IN 1654…by William E. Smith…first schoolhouse was built in1675…first teacher was Edward Humphrey…

23. THEIR TERMS OF SERVICE…list of teachers now employed in 1884 from school reports…Messenger April 18,1884…


31-33. THE CURRENCY QUESTION…by Shoemaker…April 29,1776…

34. VOTING AN ARTICLE DESCRIBING A POLITICAL DISCUSSION THE NIGHT AFTER DAY…11/18/76…signed a letter from downtown (Barneget)…Article on (A GRAND DEMOCRATIC RALLY)…DATED November 4, 1876…

35. BUSINESS IN MARBLEHEAD… Marblehead messenger…Samuel Roads, Jr. Editor, dated Saturday morning July, 22, 1876, shoe business getting dull…

36. A LETTER TO THE EDITOR…signed "Mother"…complaining as to what was going on in the school…Another article titled "The Grammar School Girls"…

37-39. MORE REMINISCENCES…signed: S X…Marblehead Messenger February 25, 1916…


43-47. MORE REMINISCENCES…by James J.H. Gregory…Marblehead Messenger Dec.28, 1900…

49. FORERUNNER OF THE HIGH SCHOOL…researched by Mr. Benjamin J. Lindsey…list of subscription list of names and money donated for (The Marblehead Academy"…Marblehead 7th September 1807…Messenger Feb. 26th, 1915…

51-57. OLD SCHOOLBOY DAY'S REMINISCENCES…by John D.Widden...old Marbleheader…Messenger June 2, 1916…

59. MARBLEHEAD FIRST…article on "Ye Ancient Dame School" …from the Boston Transcript …giving Marblehead credit for appropriating the first money for public schooling…Messenger…March 1, 1901…Miss Elizabeth Thorner died Dec. 26, 1906… kept a private school for young children and was reckond among "The Institutions" in the upper part of town…

60. REVEREND JOSIAH COTTON…founder of Marblehead's FIRST GRAMMAR SCHOOL…Messenger 1916…

61-63. REMINISCENCES… Messenger January 25, 1901…by Margaret G. Blood…Pepperell, Mass…

65. PRIMARY SCHOOL RECORD OF 1838…August 1, 1913…MISS CAROLINE NEWHALL…Born march 28, 1834…died Nov 12th, 1919…at her death was the oldest school teacher in town…

67-73. OLD SCHOOL DAYS…by N.B….Messenger January 22, 1897…

75. ELIZABETH VALENTINE…born January 4, 1816…died January18, 1897…taught a private school in her home on 28 Pearl Street…

77. MISS VALENTINE'S SCHOOL…Messenger July 26, 1929…

79-85. REMININCES OF SCHOOL DAYS FROM 1834-1839…by B.T.M…Messenger April 8,,1872…

87-88. MARBLEHEAD STUDENT'S AT PHILLIPS ACADEMY…1778-1820…Messenger December 14, 1906…

89-107. SOME REMINISCENCES OF SCHOOL DAYS…by Constancy Messenger May 14 and May 26, 1886…

109-145. REMININSCENCES OF SCHOOL DAYS…by a Marbleheader… Messenger October 10, 1913…September 13, 1913…August 1, 1913…July 25, 1913…

147-148. MASTER BIGELOW'S PUPILS…by Eben F. Richardson who taught in the Back Street School…1871-1876…Master Bigelow's Reunion…

149-151. FIGHTING THE SCHOOL MASTER…from a book written by: James M. Foss…titled "THE GENTLEMAN FROM MARBLEHEAD"…an interesting narrative by a former master of the Story Grammar School…Messenger Dec. 26, 1902…

153-154. OLD MEMORIES OF SCHOOL DAYS IN 1840…BY Thomas Doliber… Messenger February 14, 1908…

155MASTER BIGELO…Edwin R. Bigelow a former Master of the OLD GRAMMAR SCHOOL owned at that time by Simon Coffin…the old school stood at the site of the Gerry School…

159. THE GRAMMAR SCHOOLS…The Gerry Grammar School…graduates eleven scholars to the High School…The Sewall Grammar School…fourteen young ladies graduate…The Story Grammar School…the entire school couldn't be accommodated on Back Street so one class was held in the Town House…ten young men graduated to High School…The Barnard Intermediate…graduates forty in 11/30/75…Holyoke Intermediate…held in the vestry of the South Church graduated thirty-three…Mugford Intermediate...graduated thirty-eight scholars to the Grammar School…

159-163. REMININCES OF OLD SCHOOL DAYS…by James J.H. Gregory…Marblehead Messenger Jan.11, 1901…

165-169. LOOKING BACKWARD SIXTY YEARS…Messenger … February 11, 1916…

171-173. THE OLD ACADEMY…torn down to make room for a brick structure for the use of a High School built in 1798…

175-177. OLD ACADEMY BUILDING…Messenger October 1, 1880…

179-183. OLD SCHOOL DAYS REMINISCENCES…by James J.H .Gregory…Messenger December 21, 1900…

185-202. AFTER FIFTY YEARS…a write up of the OLD HIGH SCHOOL…class reunion held Odd Fellows Hall Friday January 7th, 1888…Messenger July 13, 1888…

203. MASTER VALENTINE…a biography of Elmer Valentine presented to the Marblehead Historical Society…Marblehead Messenger August 1, 1902…


207. MARBLEHEAD ACADEMY…IN April 26th, 1877 a sum of $200 was voted for the annual salary of the High school master…

211. A QUERY…re: the Lee family…

213. WILLIAM BROWN SCHOOL COMMITTEE MEMBER FOR 25 YEARS , CITED BY RESIDENTS IN FORMAL RESOLUTION…custom observed on the 30th of May under the auspices of 'THE GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC'…September, 1872…

215-219. A FITTING NAME…previous to 1856 no school was given a name just called (The North and South Grammar for boys and the North and South Grammar for girls)…at a meeting of the School Committee in May 1856 it was voted to give the schools a town name…Then the names GERRY, STORY SEWALL were adopted and the names MUGFORD, GLOVER, LEE and ORNE were also names attached, each to one of our public schools…by Nathan P. Sanborn…Messenger February 26, 1904…

221-226. JOHN WHITE CHADWICK THE BOY…Messenger Dec.16,1904…

227-232. THE SCHOOL TEACHERS OF YE ANCIENT TIMES…by James J.H. Gregory…Messenger Dec.13,1907…

233-235. CERTAIN GOOD SCHOOL MA'AMS I HAVE KNOWN…James J.H. Gregory…Messenger February 24, 1908…

237-241. OLD SCHOOL DAYS…by J.J.H. Gregory…Marblehead Messenger Dec.14, 1900…

244-248. EXAMINATION… By The Scholars of Messrs. VALENTINE & KEENS SCHOOLS…at The Lycem Hall on Saturday Evening February 9 ,1850…Messenger June 11, 1897…

250. MARBLEHEAD ACADENY ALUMNI…July 1, 1897…Messenger June 25, 1897…

252. AN OLD PROGRAM…for the above EXAMINATION...price of admission was twelve and a half cents…

254. INFORMATION WANTED…looking for information of alumni group… Thomas Doliber… messenger May 28,1897…

256. MASTER BATCHELDER…former teacher in local schools…died Tuesday June 1st, 1884…

258. LINES TO AN OLD MARBLEHEAD SCHOOL AND MASTER DOE…written about the Back Street Grammar School…by Philip H. McCaigue…Messenger January 15, 1932…

266. MARBLEHEAD'S SCHOOLS IN THE BEGINNING YEARS…the following article was taken from a history of Marblehead's schools from the town's earliest days to the middle of the 19th century. The article was written by Haskell E. Knowland for the High School Alumni Assoc. in 1889…

Subjects Scholars
School boards
School children
School discipline
Title Black Notebook #7
Creator Bowden Osborne
People Abbot, Benjamin
Abbott, Ezra
Adams, John T.
Adams, Nick
Adams, William B., Capt.
Adams, William B.
Alley, Mary A.
Appleton David Fuller
Appleton, Daniel
Appleton, Fanny
Ashton, Master
Atkins, Nathaniel
Atkins, Thomas
Avery, Samuel
Bailey, S. G.
Barker, Joseph, Jr.
Barker, Joseph
Barker, Nathaniel
Barnard, John, Rev.
Barns, Widow

Barret, Sarah L.
Bartlett, Elizabeth
Bartlett, Florence
Bartlett, Hattie S.

Bartlett, John D.
Bartlett, John, Rev.
Bartlett, Lewis
Bartlett, Mrs.

Bartlett, Wm. H.
Bassett, Frank T.
Bassett, Frank
Bassett, Joe

Bassett, Joseph
Bassett, Thomas
Bassett, William
Batchelder, James B.

Batcheller, James B.
Bates, Maria L.
Beal, Mary
Bean, Cyrus, Master

Bessom, Jos. P.
Bigelow, Edwin R.
Bigelow, Walter K.
Blackler, Bill

Blackler, John C.
Blackler, Ward
Blackler, William, Jr.
Blaisdell, Etta A.

Blaney, David
Bliss, Elijah
Bliss, Hannah
Bliss, Rebecca
Bliss, Sarah A.

Blood, Margaret G.
Blood, Mr.
Boardman, Francis, Capt.
Bond, Master

Bonney, Eliza Gregory
Bowden, Emma W.
Bowden, Herbert L.
Bowden, James G.
Bowden, Thomas J., Jr.
Bowler, Mary E.
Bowler, Minnie
Bowler, William C.
Boyton, Jennie S.
Bradstreet, Dudley Story

Bragdon, John
Bray, E.
Bray, Lizzie M.
Bridgeo, Rep.
Brown, Aunt Crease
Brown, Ben
Brown, Benjamin F.
Brown, Benjamin Graves, Prof.

Brown, Betsey
Brown, Daniel C.
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, Ephraim

Brown, Gus
Brown, Gussie M.
Brown, Increase H.
Brown, Joseph

Brown, Lizzie
Brown, Mary E.
Brown, Rea. A.
Brown, Robert

Brown, William B., Esq.
Brown, William B.
Brown, William
Brown, Winthrop
Bunten, Walter E.
Buntin, Wm. E.
Burdick, Malcom McNiel

Burgess, William
Burriage, Frank O.
Butman Willie E.
Cahill, Bridget T.

Capella, John L.
Carroll, Minnie
Carroll, Thomas
Cass, Joathan
Caswell, John G.
Caswell, Joseph F.
Caswell, Willie B.
Chadwick, John White
Chapman, Joseph W.
Chase, Carrie E.
Chinn, Mary R.
Closson, Willie
Cloutman, Henry B.
Cloutman, John Merrill
Cloutman, Sarah R.
Cloutman, Thomas B.
Coates, Eliza J.

Coffin, Simeon
Colbert, Eddie
Cole, Richard
Collins, John
Collins, Katy A.
Collyer, John, Capt.
Conway, Flossy G.
Conway, John, Jr.
Cook, Solan
Cotton, Joseph, Rev.
Cotton, Josiah
Courtis, A. S.
Courtis, William

Cowdrey,Stephen G.
Cressy, Joanna C.
Cressy, Levi
Crichton, Admirablr

Cross, Joe
Cross, Mary
Crowninshield, Edward O.
Davis, Eva H.
Davis, Lizzie L.
Davis, Lucy W.
Davis, Minnie E.
Dennis, Lizzie M.
Dennis, Mary H.
Devereaux, Anna W.
Devereux, (Aunt) Betsy
Devereux, Humphrey, Esq.
Devereux, John H.
Devereux, John, Capt.
Devereux, Mary
Dixey, Master
Dixey, Thomas
Dodge, Wm. W.
Doe, Albert P.
Doe, Albert
Doe, Annie H.
Doe, Charles Frank
Doe, Ella K.
Doe, Mary R.
Doe, Master
Doe, Mrs. Benjamin F.
Doherty, James H.
Doliber, Thomas
Doliber, Tom
Doyle, Jennie
Drake, L.J.
Drury, John, Dr.
Drury, William Gorham
Dugan, Mary A.
Dutcher, Delia M.
Dutcher, S. Lizzie

Edwards, Charles
Edwards, Master
Elliot, Sarah
Evans, E.G.
Evans, Eben

Evans, Lewis
Evans, Richard, Capt.
Eveleth, Samuel, Dr.
Fabens, Lena H.

Fabens, Samuel, Capt.
Fabens, William
Farry, Wille
Felton, Lizzie C.
Fettyplace, Elizabeth
Fettyplace, Wm.
Field, Thomas P.
Fields, Thomas P., Rev,
Fiske, Amanda
Fleet, Elias B.
Flemming, John
Flint, James H.
Flint, James
Forbes, Mr.
Fosdick, Benjamin Hichborn
Fosdick, Benjamin Wheeler
Foss, James M.
Foss, Thomas
Foster, Lucy Weed
Frances, Mary J.
Francis, Jim
Freeto, C. C.
Gale, Helen S.
Gale, Rebecca R.
Gallison, Henry
Gardner, Maria
Gardner, Wm. T.
Gerry, Elbridge
Gerry, Elizabeth
Gerry, Thomas
Giles, Mary E.
Gilley, Ida J.
Gilley, William
Gilly, William
Girdler, Richard
Girdler, Wm.
Glass, Samuel
Glover Harriet
Glover, Edmund
Glover, Mar (sic)
Glover, Mr.
Goldthwait, J. Ernest
Goodwin, Benjamin
Goodwin, Hannah
Goodwin, Hattie H.
Goodwin, Miss
Goodwin, Otherman

Goodwin, Rebecca T.
Goodwin, Sara
Goodwin, Sarah R.
Graves , Henry A.
Graves Freddie P.
Graves, Corinne W.
Graves, Elmer
Graves, Joseph, 4th
Graves, Mary
Graves, Sam
Graves, Samuel
Greene, Ellen T.
Greene, Mr.
Greenleaf, Benjamin
Gregory, Frank
Gregory, James J.H.
Gregory, Joseph
Gregory, Maria L.
Gregory, Walter
Gregory,James J. H.
Grieve, Charles
Grieve, Thomas
Griffiths, Lizzie
Haines, Dudley, Rev.
Haines, Rachel
Ham, Henry R., Mrs.
Hamlin, Carrie L.
Hammond, Hattie
Hammond, John E.
Hammond, Ocea
Hammond, Susie E.
Hammond, William D.
Hamson, Mary A.
Hamson, Mary
Harris Benjamin
Harris, John F., Hon.
Harris, Minnie
Harris, Samuel O.
Harris, Tamson B.
Harris, William
Harris, Wm. T.
Haskell, Sarah P.
Hatch, George
Hatch, Mary S.
Hathaway, Annie
Hathaway, Ernest W.
Hathaway, Hannah
Hathaway, Jeremiah
Hathaway, Master
Hathaway, Stanley H.
Hathaway, Stephen P.
Hennessey, J. P.

Hinckley, Orville
Holden, Nathaniel J.
Homan Samuel
Homan, Sam'l B.

Hooper, Benjamin F., Jr.
Hooper, Carrie L.
Hooper, Frank E.
Hooper, Henry
Hooper, John, 4th
Hooper, John
Hooper, Nathaniel
Hooper, Robert Chamblett
Hooper, Robert, Capt.
Hooper, Robert, Jr.
Hooper, Robert, Jr.
Hooper, Robert
Hooper, William
Hopkins, Sarah E.
Humphrey, Dick
Humphrey, Eddie L.
Humphrey, Edward
Humphrey, Etta M.
Humphrey, Herbert
Humphrey, Thomas
Hutton, Bill
Ingalls, Mrs.
Ingalls, Thomas, Hon.
Ireson, Dick
Ireson, Lucretia
Joseph, Young

Keen, A.A.
Keen, Ella
Keen, Mr,
Keenen, May E.
Kelley, Rosie
Kennan, J. H.
Kent, Josie C.
Kieley, M. J.
Kieley, Maggie
Kiely, Mary J.

Kierney, Timmy
Kiley, Michael
Knight, Amy
Knight, Benjamin
Knight, Franklin
Knight, Lizzie M.
Knight, Lizzie
Knight, Robert
Knowland, Ebenezer
Knowland, Haskell E.
Lackey, Andrew
Lambertson, Walter S.

Lamprell, Eliza J.
Lang, B. J.
Lawler, Sarah A.
Lee, Jeremiah
Lee, Samuel

Lee, William R., Col.
Lee, William Raymond
Lefavour, Chas. C.
Leonard, Miss
Lewis, Elizabeth A.
Lewis, Mary
Lewis,William H., Rev.
Lindsey, Amy B.
Lindsey, Benj. H.
Lindsey, Benjamin
Lindsey, Joseph W.
Lindsey, Nathaniel B.
Lindsey, Nathaniel, Jr,
Lindsey, Nathaniel
Lindsey, Philip B.
Litchman, Chas. H.
Litchman, Fred B.
Littell, Henry A.
Lohan, Rosie
Looney, Hannah
Looney, Lizzie J.
Lyons, Mary J.
Lyons, Richard (Dorr)
Macgowan, Henry A.
Mack, Theresa
Magee, James H.
Mahoney, John
Marchant, John, Capt.
Martin, E. T.
Martin, Georgie
Martin, John S.
Martin, Joseph S.
Martin, Knott V., Capt.
Martin, Maria L.
Martin, Mary C.
Martin, Samuel
Martin, Sarah

Mason, C. F.
Maynard, Master
McCaigue, Philip H.
McClearn, Willie S.

McCoy, Mary A.
McCoy, Rosie
McEachran, J. L.
Meek, Jacob
Meek, Thomas, Capt.
Meek, Thomas, Jr.
Merritt, Carrie E.
Merritt, Willie B.

Mitchel, Bennie P.
Mitchell, John
Mitchell, Maria
Morse, Frank E.
Mowen, Nathan
Murray, Jerry
Nash, Kate W.
Newhall, Caroline
Newhall, Florence
Newhall, Hannah
Newhall, Harriet
Nichols, Mercy
Niles, Mark, Rev.
Nutting, John
Nutting, William
O'Brien, John

Orne , Johnathan
Orne, Abbie M.
Orne, Azor
Orne, J. H.
Orne, John H.

Orne, John
Osborne, Frank
Osgood, Hooker
Paine, Lewis E.
Paine, Thimas
Paine, Thomas T.
Parsons, Carrie M.
Parsons, James C.
Parsons, Sallie M.
Peabody, Oliver
Peach, Benjamin F., Gen.
Pedrick, Benjamin

Pedrick, Frank
Pedrick, John , 3rd
Pedrick, John
Pedrick, Richard Edward

Pedrick, Richard, Capt.
Pedrick, Richard
Pedrick, William H.
Perkins, Steve
Perry, Geo. G.
Perry, William
Pickering, Col.
Pickett, Moses

Pierpont, J., Rev.
Pitman, Benjamin
Pitman, Rebecca C.
Poole, Fitch

Pope, Carrie C.
Potter, Carrie E.
Powers, Samuel
Prentiss, Amy K.

Prentiss, Caleb
Prentiss, Hannah
Prentiss, Henry
Prichard, Hannah

Prime, Theodate
Pritchard, W. W.
Proctor, Johnnie
Putnam, Israel

Putnam, Ruth
Quirk, Mary E.
Ramsdell, Eliza H.
Ramsdell, F. J.

Ramsdell, Frank
Ramsdell, Sarah B.
Rasdell, Mattie D.
Rathburn, Herbert

Read, Samuel
Reed, Benjamin T.
Reed, Benjamin Tyler
Reed, Mary

Reed, William
Regan, Willie
Reynolds, Gussie J.
Reynolds, William

Richardson, Eben F.
Richardson, J. W.
Roads, Samuel, Jr.
Robinson, Fredrick, Hon.
Rodgers, Chars.
Rodgers, Nathaniel V.
Rodgers, W. A.

Rogers, Willie
Ropes, H. S.
Ropes, Master
Roundey, Benjamin B.

Roundey, George C.
Roundy Alicia A.
Roundy, Elijah
Roundy, John White
Ruggles, Master
Russell, Edmund Peter
Russell, Hannah

Russell, JohnRussell, Peter Edmund
Sanborn, N. P.
Sanborn, Nathan P.

Sanborne, Dyer H.
Savory, Abbie B.
Savory, Joe
Sawyer, Fred L.

Scott, Mr.
Selman, Marcis M.
Selman, Mary S.
Sewall, Samuel
Shaw, Bill

Shepard, Lillie J.
Shirley, Hattie L.
Simonton, Walter H.
Smith, Bennie P.

Smith, Florence W.
Smith, Frank
Smith, Hannah
Smith, Marion
Smith, William E.
Snellen, James N.
Snow, Anna W.
Snow, Charles H.
Snow, Emily D.
Snow, Frank A.
Snow, Harvey
Snow, John
Snow, Willhamina

Sparwhwk, Henry C.
Spaulding, Elmer E.
Stacey, Everett B.
Stacey, Jennie H.
Stacey, John
Stacey, Maggie
Stanley, Alexander
Sterwart, John

Stevens, Gus (Joppy)
Stevens, Mr.
Stevens, William (Putty)
Stevens, William
Stewart, Amy
Stone, B. Arthur
Stone, Benjamin
Stone, Carrie G.

Stone, Joseph W.
Story, Bradstreet
Story, Isaac
Story,Elisha, Dr.
Strong, Mr.
Strong, William
Sullivan, Daniel
Sullivan, James
Sullivan, Mary A.

Sweet, Horace W. C.
Sweet, Rea. D.
Sweet, Sarah
Sweetland, Ida M.

Swett, Etta M.
Tedded, John, Major
Tedded, John
Tedded, Martha

Thompson, Albert B.
Thompson, Benjamin
Thompson, Clara E.
Thompson, John C.
Thompson, John
Thompson, Thomas I.
Thorner, Elizabeth B.
Tinker, Berlin W.
Tobin, Mary E.
Traill, Eliza A.
Traill, Martha B.
Trefry, Richard C.
Trefry, W. D.
Trefry, Willie A.
Turell, Ruth
Turell, Widow
Turner, Samuel
Tutt, Hannie
Tutt, Richard
Usher, Mary B.
Valentine, Elizabeth
Valentine, Elmer
Valentine, Herbert E.

Van Vranken, Mr.
Verry, Chas. H.
Vickery, Etta
Wallace, Master
Ware, Benjamin
Watson, Benjamin
Watson, Marston
Weed, Sam
Weed, William

Wheeler, Betsey
Wheeler, Mary S.
Wheeler, Sarah A.
Whidden, John D., Capt.
White, John
White, Mary L.
White, Mattie F.
White, Mr.
Whittenmore, E. H.
Whitter, Nathan
Whitwell, John Parker
Whitwell, Nathaniel
Wiggins, Lizzie B.
Wilkins, Jennie .
Wilkins, Wm. W.
Willey, Mr.
Williams, John
Williams, Master
Williams, William
Wilson, Betsey

Wilson, Lydia
Winslow, Albert H.
Wooldredge, Thomas
Wormstead, Joseph
Zuchtmann, Prof.
Search Terms Winter Singing School
Marblehead Academy
Story Grammar School
Wide Awake
Barnard Street School
Old South Church
Back Street School
Odd Fellows
Gerry School
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Lexicon sub-category Documentary Artifact
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